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Thread: Exam season

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    Exam season

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    With Many students doings exams at this time, do you think the concerns about the new GCSE's and A levels are correct?

    'Pupils have delivered a damning verdict on the revamped GCSEs, saying they have caused mental exhaustion, panic attacks, crying, nosebleeds, sleepless nights, hair loss and outbreaks of acne.'

    'One London student complained of having two exams a day on five days within two weeks. “I have burst into tears multiple times on public transport after finishing an exam, and I have seen this to be the case with lots of my peers as well,” they said.'

    'However, another student from Manchester praised the tougher exams. “I believe that doing these exams builds up work ethic and resilience, something that is lacking in this generation,” they said. And a pupil from Reading said: “I do feel that the change is for the better, however, I think that the process was very rushed.'”

    Do you know anyone doing these exams? How did you approach your exams? Are exams that much different today?


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