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    Collymore could learn a lot about dignity and how to conduct yourself from Hughton

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      Stan Collymore is a football troll. He is fast becoming the Katie Hopkins of the football world.

      He knows his aggressive style will create the controversy and attention that will satisfy his insecure ego.

      Sad, sad man.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Tooting Gull View Post
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      Another section from this interview that has stirred things up...

      'To be a black pundit you either need to be a comedian like Chris Kamara or Ian Wright Ė guys who have big pearly-white smiles and everyone loves laughing at Ė or Jermaine Jenas and Alex Scott, who are completely inoffensive,' he says. 'What youíre not allowed to do is call out the status quo, which is what I do.

      'Opportunities have been denied to me and itís got nothing to with what happened with Ulrika Jonsson because Iíve worked since then. No, itís because Iíve become increasingly outspoken and thatís not allowed in this country if youíre not white.'
      opportunities have been denied Collymore as he clearly has a personality problem, while Wright and Kamara are chaps most people would happily go down the pub with. cf picture Wright has posted. Stan comes back with insults. what a cjtc.
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      I have very little respect for Stan Collymore, largely due to his historical treatment of women.

      However, much of what he says in that interview is true and although I used to be dead set against ''positive discrimination'' I do feel that it is needed soon within football management at least for a time frame to try and address the balance and then when we have a better balance then we can look at it again further down the line.

      The bit that I can't understand about the interview is - Why would he put down the two people who have largely bucked the trend and been successful in Management and in the Media (Chris Hughton and Ian Wright). He should be more positive about their success in being from BME backgrounds.

      This is a ''faux pas'' from Stan. You have to raise these issues from a position of strength. If you do it when you have just lost your job it sounds like sour grapes. You stand a better chance of being listened to if you do it in the ears of the right people and less so in public.

      Things won't change because of a Guardian article - It has to change in Boardrooms and in people in power's minds. CH speaks out on these issues a lot more than Stan Collymore probably realises and just because its not on TV or in a National Newspaper doesn't mean to say it's not happening.

      Stan indicates it wasn't a criticism of Chris but in a round about way it was and an unfair one at that, even though he probably didn't mean it to be.
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      It all went downhill from 1998 when he decided to give the lovely Ulrika a beating, zero respect for him
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      I used to like Collymore, I actually did. But after the Ukrika incident I lost all respect for him. Can’t see beyond that really and I’m amazed he gets any work after that.
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      Just stirring things up to generate publicity for himself, he's a bit irrelevant as it stands. Can't blame him for trying. the media seems a precarious profession. You can quickly become yesterdays man.
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      The bloke is a prize idiot
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      Come on, as he said, he only hit her with an open hand, so, that really doesn’t count.

      Does his views extend to other forms of the media, acting, journalism, even music? If so, then by his reckoning. Idris Elba, George Alaghia, and numerous Black musicians must be Uncle Toms, as well as 99% of bame sportsmen.
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