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    Collymore calls Ian Wright a 'Tom' after latest race issues interview

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    Big interview in Observer/Guardian online today with Stan Collymore, developing his recent theme of why black former players aren't getting manager jobs.

    Among other views, this on Chris Hughton: “The acceptable face of BAME managers is Chris Hughton. I have no doubt Chris has strong views on race and expresses them behind the scenes, but he knows that to progress in life he can’t do so in public; he has to shut up and get on with it. That’s not a criticism of Chris – it’s how most people from ethnic backgrounds behave.”

    I'm not sure that is true anyway. Chris has spoken out about the black managers issue, and attends and speaks at Kick It Out and Football's Black List awards nights and functions. Chris doesn't have a chip on his shoulder in any way, knows his worth, gets on with his job, and is proud of where he came from.

    Collymore has also had a big Twitter row with Ian Wright today, amazingly even calling him a 'Tom' (worst insult a black man could aim at another?) about the volume of Wright's TV media work compared to Collymore's.

    Sadly IMHO Collymore has got this all wrong on the TV work. He just isn't a very good pundit. He shouts, screams at and bullies callers and guests on the radio. And he has a king-sized chip on both shoulders, much like Sol Campbell, the man he keeps trying to put ahead of Gerrard and Lampard for managerial jobs.
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