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    Personally think that Putin will make absolutely sure that his nutters are kept away as the eyes of the world are on the WC and he wants to present a good show.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Springal View Post
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      Usual pre tournament hot air. Went to South Africa when we were all going to be car jacked, murdered etc...

      Went to Ukraine euros when we were all coming home in coffins and Russians / Poles etc were going to kick our heads in.

      These things are so heavily policies I canít see a repeat of Marseille.

      Iím going and not worried!
      Completely agree. All being blown up by the media saying how dangerous it will be. Donít get me wrong, if anyone acts like a prat they will be twatted but the stories of trained Russian militia are garbage. Iíll be going and not expecting any bad behaviour. At the first sight of it I will be running for the hills
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      Not sure why they target us as our reputation died about 20 years ago and other countries would be a better option.I suspect Poland will be a far better option.
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      Nothing different to 1990 where Maggie and her POODLE Moynihan whipped up the Italian Police to hysteria and gave them the go ahead to treat the English fans like shit
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      Quote Originally Posted by Bob'n'weave View Post
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      Just read this. Looks like anyone with an English accent is fair play for Putins state sponsored militia, sorry 'fans'.

      The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised all England fans travelling to Russia to prepare for hostility as a result of the increased tensions between the two countries.

      The FCO said: "Due to heightened political tensions between the UK and Russia, you should be aware of the possibility of anti-British sentiment or harassment at this time.

      "If you're currently in Russia or due to travel in the coming weeks, you're advised to remain vigilant, avoid any protests or demonstrations and avoid commenting publicly on political developments."

      You thought France was bad. I can see this going very, very pear shaped.
      That's completely standard FCO advice that you'd get for all sorts of countries, has probably been like that for the last few years, and makes absolutely no mention of the World Cup whatsoever.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Seasider78 View Post
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      People were saying the same about South Africa before that tournament. I fully expect there to be the usual few pissed up idiots throwing some plastic furniture about but the world is watching and cannot see the Russians letting it descend into the Wild West
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      I think all England fans with tickets having free passage in all the state run brothels was a nice touch.
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      I was in Russia last month and as a shop keeper said - "it will be stupid drunk Russians, fighting stupid drunk English". Putin will make sure that the Russian firms are away on holiday elsewhere as he is more than aware that the world is just itching to light the touch paper if anything happens.

      I found Russians to be very kind and happy and the ones i spoke to were not remotely interested in politics. The only stony faced ones i encountered were the Aeroflot flight attendants and the usual custom ones
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      Quote Originally Posted by clippedgull View Post
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      I think anyone going and behaving sensibly will have a great time
      I imagine plenty of people will be minding their own business and finding themselves on the wrong end of some Russian violence.
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      I’ve gone to the last few tournaments with my son but we decided long ago that we would give this a swerve.

      Went to Moscow for a Russia v England game when he was 9 and it was pretty scary then. Hotel got firebombed (we were tucked up in bed on the 9th floor) and there was a constant undercurrent of ill feeling from the military who outnumbered 3,000 fans comfortably.

      The one thing I will say is that Russia will throw everything at it. The army and police will be all over this and they won’t take any shit. The bigger the hat they wear the more trouble you will be in.

      Whilst in most countries I would be fairly confident of avoiding any of the trouble if you don’t go looking for it in Russia there is a very good chance of innocents being caught up in it badly. The Russians will be targeting the English and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a death as a result.

      It just isn’t worth the risk.


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