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Thread: Scariest Films

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    Scariest Films

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    So I read this last night and thought Yes, I'll watch a scary film Friday night. Most of the films on the list I've seen, and to be honest, as good as some of them are, I wouldn't say they're "scary". Now I've just been annoyed by #18 Audition (Japanese, & odd), it got me wondering as to the last time I saw a film that really was genuinely "scary", and naturally I'd would like to prod the hive-mind of NSC and see what flops out.

    The 3 for me that immediately spring to mind, recent first, are:

    The Descent
    Funny Games (German version)
    Wolf Creek

    I honestly cannot think of any other films that scared me/disturbed me/made me switch off half-way and turn the lights on for a restorative coffee and walk around the flat.

    What am I missing?
    Squat Cobbler


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