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    dealing with depression

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    Serious post.

    I've spent most of today in bed. Not being lazy, Just could not face getting up, and/or going to work.

    Usually it's just a drag, but I used to be able to snap out of it. This feels different. I've been like this for a few days now. It sucks.

    I thought it might have been caused by (unrelated) health issue, but think that may have just been the tipping point.

    Work has always been busy, but in the past few months, I have felt out of my depth- like a robot, unappreciated, clinging on, isolated by various changes.

    Has anyone gone through this? How did it occur? What help did you get?

    BTW, I am safe- No harmful thoughts. I have seen my doctor, and may well do again.
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      I have had two episodes. The first was over 10 years ago and I went through a series of family related issues. The second however sounds not dissimilar. I was on my way to work and stopped to get fuel. Suddenly I felt extremely self aware, work had been getting on top of me and I had no choice other than to go home.

      I called my boss and explained my situation and went to the doctor at the earliest opportunity. I was signed off for three months with regular appointments. No medication was offered and stress was diagnosed.

      I eventually improved and returned to work. My advice would be get to your GP as soon as you can, they may offer you a counselling course which may get to the bottom of the issue. But please speak to someone you trust and understands you. It will help more than you know.

      Hope this helps a bit and all the best with pulling through. Remember it's nothing to be embarrassed about.

      take care
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      Been through it and suffering a bit again now. In my case it is usually an accumulation of things, especially ones I cannot control. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy through an NHS referral helped me by identifying small changes to improve my mood. Professional help to guide you is the key thing.
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      Good start actually talking about it , i didn't even realise i had it for months just thought it was side effects of the morphine i was taking for pain , when the shit finally hit the fan and i had a breakdown my doctor was brilliant and got me the help i needed , not just drugs , i continue to get help from various places when it feels like i'm slipping back into the dark place , perhaps i got lucky so to speak with the help set up in my area i don't know the level of support there is in every area but my Doc admitted it's different levels everywhere , i tried the group stuff and frankly it wasn't for me and actually made me feel worse listening to everybody else's problems , not saying it's pants for you but not for me , the best help i got was from the very people i tried to hide it from , My family and good mates , once i had actually said what was going on they helped me control the frustration and anger side of it , staying quiet about it was the worse thing i tried to do , i tried the drugs citalopram ? but they didn't really help me at all , just kept busy as i could with the support of family and the doctors practice , if they prescribe you with clinical depression then they have a duty of care to follow and you should try everything they suggest until you find what works for you .

      It's pretty shit and probably worse than the accident i had at work , the pain and resulting failed operations iv'e had , depression just creeps up on you and without you realising what's going on it then starts chewing you up slowly , don''t let it swallow you up , it nearly did it's job on me that's for sure but there is a way out if you clearly understand you want to get rid of it , that may sound daft but it gets to a stage where you think sod it , i'm done .

      The best thing apart from family and doctors help i found to help me through it was , don't laugh , meditation and a form of martial art Tai chi in super slow mo action , yep the neighbours had a good giggle for a short while watching me attempt the moves in the garden but after a week or so i started noticing how much more relaxed i was about everything , it really has helped me , i still do it now , it's actually improved the movement in my knackered spine a little so can recommend that sort of thing for sure , i got a little help with it from a friend then basically went on youtube to watch more stuff about it .

      Anyway i wish you well and hope you can get the help i was fortunate enough to get .
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      The frustrating thing about depression, or any mental illness is that it affects everyone differently - so never feel bad if you spend a long time getting over things, or perhaps even get over things quicker than you think.

      I have those sorts of times more often than i'd like - days where I will spend them in bed either sleeping, or having background noise (a Netflix series i've watched a million times before) just to keep my mind at ease and stop any intrusive thoughts. For me, it can be fine after a day, but sometimes it'll be 3 or 4 before I'm willing to check out the outside affects my work, my friends, my health (i don't eat much, if at all). I'm thankful that I have supportive colleagues, friends and family who may not understand, but support and do what they can.

      I was diagnosed firstly 10 years ago, and went to therapy...I decided to end it as I felt I didn't click with the therapist. It wasn't until a couple of failed attempts at suicide and the breakdown of my relationship that I went back to therapy, as well as started on anti-depressants. That was over 2 years ago and whilst I am no longer actively in therapy nor am I taking medication, i still suffer - I just feel slightly better equipped to deal with things and recognise when things are getting bad so I can deal with it better. I'm one of those who believes that depression never truly leaves you; you just learn how to deal with it better as time goes on.

      It's superb that you're willing to talk about it on here openly. My inbox is always open if you want to discuss anything and I'm sure many others will extend the same offer to you - we're all human and we all struggle from time to time...but NSC is a family and we will help however we can.
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      Constant battle for me with the stresses of kids with additional needs and a wife also with depression who has stuggled to work (she is working two days a week so things are improving.)

      I am on top at the moment but I can feel things building with some stuff we are going through at the moment. I went to see my boss and asked if i could take leave to get my head above water. he was fantastic and told me to go to the docs and get a certificate for two weeks. It didn't occur to me at the time but the two weeks coincides with the World Cup (honest guv, i didn't realise .

      I made some lifestyle changes a couple of years ago and along with medication I am able to keep things on an even keel. My major changes were less drinking, playing music and getting involved in a local football club, both playing and coaching. This covers exercise and doing shit to nourish my soul and escape for a while. Next step is to sort out our finances and start saving for a holiday every other year.

      Good luck mate, I am in Australia so if you need someone to talk to during the the night i am usually around. PM me.


      P.S. on a related note, how many ****ing people are struggling with this shit at the moment. Are we going wrong somewhere as a society in the way we behave and think?
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      I'm a month in from finally admitting to my Family, friends and colleagues that I was struggling mentally.

      I feel like a weight has been lifted.
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      I suffer from depression/ anxiety , had these problems for over 30 years . I have seen 3 different community phyciatric nurses and had many sessions with them , some I found more helpful than others. Doctors were very helpful when I saw them and have been on Citalapram for years. Tried coming off them twice but found myself slipping back to dark places again. You have to speak to folk who understand what it feels like and try as hard as it feels to get out in the fresh air for awhile , enjoy the sunshine. Don't be afraid to ask for help. If it was your leg that was broken you'd go straight to a&e to get it fixed , it's no different . Wish you well my friend and please feel free to PM me if you need any advice, I'm not too good at explaining things in type but will help you anyway I can .
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      Be careful who you tell, people are awful.

      Don't be hard on yourself for staying in bed, you can't magically change it.

      Try to keep your mind occupied. CBT works on deluding yourself that life isn't as bad as it seems, try to convince yourself of that if you can.

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      Had it on and off my whole life.
      Episodes can last a few days, a few weeks, a few months.
      I often think I’ve cracked it after a good phase but it always comes back.
      I now accept it’s a part of me, an unwanted companion but a companion all the same. I don’t try to eradicate it, I try and manage it.
      At least it’s linked to my creativity which has helped me at work.
      Hopefully this is just a one off period for you, op. I wouldn’t rush onto antidepressants if I were you. Lower your expectations for a bit, and be kind to yourself.
      I found counselling helped, especially the first few sessions. Generally, I’m not sure about delving into your childhood and expecting to find answers though. It opens up a can of worms - no one has a perfect childhood or perfect parents.
      Focus counselling on dealing with the day to day. That’s what worked for me anyway, in managing depression.
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