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    Regardless of previous, and whatever he said, they are professionals aren't they, employed, paid and trained to deal with situations professionally. I cannot see how there is any justification whatsoever for that level of violent reaction to something being said no matter how provocative, insulting or threatening. At the very least you would expect the central cop in the video to be suspended pending an investigation. I don't see as you can have a person who is there to uphold the law acting like a hooligan? There is no retaliation at all from the individual even after the first blows. Absolutely cowardly and pathetic from the officers, completely unprofessional, if it was here I'd be hoping to have an announcement that they had been discharged from the force.
    All very noble except for one thing. It’s not our country and that’s just how it’s done over there. Just don’t bother going on holiday there. Other than that, what’s point getting angry about? Nothing ever going to change, this is a country where arming kids and teachers is how they deal with mass shootings after all. Sick sick society. Just hope we’re not 20yrs away from the same as we often follow their lead
    “Everything about this looks wrong. The run-up is too long, too straight, and you know it’s going over the bar ... it goes over the bar, and Brighton have stolen a trip to Wembley! That is an absolute burglary! And that is the FA Cup!”


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