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  • The Hateful 8

    4 2.47%
  • Django Unchained

    13 8.02%
  • Inglorous Basterds

    14 8.64%
  • Deathproof

    1 0.62%
  • Grindhouse

    1 0.62%
  • Kill Bill 1 and 2

    7 4.32%
  • Jackie Brown

    7 4.32%
  • Pulp Fiction

    100 61.73%
  • Reservoir Dogs

    15 9.26%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gritt23 View Post
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    Don't think I've seen any of those films.

    Do I win a prize?
    Always love it when this kind of post comes up. Like the poster pretends to have been living some form of cloistered life in a cave somewhere and has no knowledge of any form of pop culture. What are these 'Simpsons' of which you speak?
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      Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Spielberg View Post
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      I don't as he did not direct that film
      Quote Originally Posted by Falmer Flutter © View Post
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      He didn't direct Dusk Til Dawn.
      Indeed, my bad.. He wrote it, not directed it.. Still a quality film though!
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      I'm sorry for being such an arse, I won't do it again.

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      Pulp Fiction was a good film, parts were brilliant (mostly the parts with John Travolta and Harvey Keitel) and parts were, IMHO, pretty dull (Bruce Willis' mostly).
      Kill Bill 1&2 (when taken as "Compare and Contrast Eastern vs Western movie styles") are good, but again, not great.
      Reservoir Dogs, again good but nothing particularly special.

      The rest... tried to watch a couple but find them dull, erratic or just not very good.

      TBH I'm not sure why everyone raves so much about him. In my opinion its a very mixed bag with no film that is actually good in all aspects.

      Perhaps I just don't understand his mind-set?!
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      I think RD is his best by a long way, Pulp Fiction I like because it is quite entertaining the first couple of times and it reminds me of the 90's, my favourite decade. I though Jackie Brown was good. Tarantino has had moments of genius but too few to make him one of the greats in my opinion. He's just had too many duds. Kill Bill? Snoozefest. Django Unchained? Derivavtive claptrap. Hateful 8? Forgetable. Death Proof etc? Long, boring, crass.
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      No question Pulp Fiction and one of my favourite films too

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      From Dusk Till Dawn was the equally geniuns Robert Rodriguez. Tarantino acted in that as well as Rogriquez's Desperado. Both films make the very best use of Salma Hayek - with the Python Dance in FDTD and her getting a candlelit grafting from Antonio Banderas in Desperado.

      As far as Tarantino flicks go Reservoir Dogs takes the prize. Followed immediately by Pulp Fiction. In my book he is very much a 'less is more' Director, as the less of a budget he has the better he makes the script and story.

      For the records I thought both Kill Bill films were shite.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Mustafa View Post
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      I often wonder when someone has an opinion like this, whether they think they are wrong, or whether they think that everyone else is wrong, because it's impossible that both are true.

      I love cinema and I understand that there are many that find violence in any film distasteful, but at the same time I can't understand how despite the violence, there are people who still can't see the genius in a film like Pulp Fiction.
      Opinion is the key word here. Itís my opinion, not fact. I donít think Iím wrong nor do I think anyone else is wrong, I just donít get Tarantino films.
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      Load of bollocks films
      One trick pony director.
      Saw better story telling watching Pipkins.

      Subjective opinion.
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      That is very conclusive. Thanks for taking part

      Tarantino's best film - Pulp Fiction
      Spielberg's best film - Hook
      Spielberg is GOD.
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      Dusk till Dawn!!!!!


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