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    I'm no Tory, and after the end of Thatcher I hoped and prayed we'd never have another woman Prime Minister as long as I lived. However, becoming PM with the job of seeing Brexit through is as near to being a poison chalice as any job has ever been for a PM - fantastically difficult, with backsliders and backstabbers left, right and centre trying to sabotage the process. And tbh, in that context, Theresa May - and I'm certainly not saying she's great - is probably doing just as well as anybody else could in the circumstances.
    Once we're safely and irrevocably out, though, I won't hesitate to vote her (or whoever else might be leading the Tories by then) out.
    Well that's a bit sexist to say the least! Of course every male PM has done an outstanding job - really I think not. Showing a clear misogynistic streak there GT49er!

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