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    BBC2 Back In Time For Tea - astoundingly subversive TV

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    Just stumbled across this on a dreary Sunday afternoon. Ostensibly it's about changing dietary trends through the decades, as experienced by a Bradford-based mum, dad and 2.4 kids. In reality it's much much more. Today's episode (5 of 6) covers the 80's and 90's and as such covers the ascendancy of oven chips, microwaveable meals and all you can eat Harvesters. But interwoven with all that foodstuff stuff is the real story: the Miners Strike, the Bradford fire, the rise of Madchester (including an interview with Shaun Ryder in the former Hacienda on his very best non-sweary behaviour). The whole thing is underpinned with a sublime soundtrack, all iconic tunes, not a single dud in the whole hour.

    The most unexpectedly engaging programme I've watched in many a long day. Can only recommend wholeheartedly that you catch it on the BBC iPlayer.
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