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    The problem with this approach for me would have been that Rooney was playing quite deep a lot of the time, picking up the ball of the centre backs and spreading the play from there. Granted at times he was more advanced, but his general position was deep within their formation.

    Therefore if Kayal had 'man marked' Rooney, he'd have left a gaping hole next to Propper and risked us being (even further) overrun in the middle of the pitch. Not disputing that sticking a man on Fat Wayne would have been a good idea, but if CH had done it asking Gross to do that job would have allowed us to retain the balance of the two more defensive centre midfielders in Davy and Beram.
    I know Rooney plays deep, but I hadn't realised he was so deep, the only problem with using Gross is he is 90% of our creativity and is he a good enough tackler against fat Wayne, I am not sure he is.
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