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    Garth Crooks - Another selection for Dunky

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    So, Garth has picked Dunk in his TOTW again (What's that now, like the 5th time this season?)

    However, once again he has moaned about how we don't chant for Chris Hughton... evem suggesting a song we could sing for him...

    Funnily enough, it sounds and reads just like the bloody song WE ALREADY SING!

    Have a read for yourself...

    "Lewis Dunk and Shane Duffy played like two bouncers with strict instructions not to let anyone into the nightclub. Arsenalís Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang crept past these two bruisers briefly - only to be discovered and promptly thrown out. What exactly is going on at Arsenal is difficult to fathom. I said at the end of last season that boss Arsene Wenger should have walked then; now I fear he may be forced to leave. This should not be happening to a man of this stature. And why donít Brighton fans chant manager Chris Hughton's name? "Chrissy Hughton's blue-and-white army" will do."


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