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    Split canvas prints

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    Boring subject alert, but...

    Has anyone ever ordered their own split canvas print of a photo ? We had a print blown up once of a nice family pic off the missus phone, and had it ordered as canvas print at Boots (for her mum). Came out well. But they don't seem to do the large split-canvas jobbies.

    So what I'm after, is maybe a 4 or 5 piece canvas split print of the west pier in MOONLIGHT, to go across a main wall. I might mince along there one evening and take a few portrait shots when the light is decent, then submit one of those pics somewhere to have it reproduced into wall art.

    Summink like THIS

    ..but like I say, my own pic of the West Pier, as I don't just want some old generic bobbins, I want something unique and BRIGHTON. Any wise sages of NSC able to help ?
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