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    Half Time Standby Tickets

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    The weather is crap outside so what better time that to air a crazy (maybe not so) idea.....

    If it worked, it would mean more bums on seats at the Amex (2nd half anyway) and some extra revenue and more people getting to see the game.

    As Dicks is closed just before the game I propose the club sell half time standby tickets at 50% off the prevailing rate.

    5 minutes before kick off, those with standby tickets are granted access to Dicks where the game will be on the tellys (I think this is allowed as they are at the stadium so can’t see it any different to it being on the big screen (which other clubs do) or on the concourse tellys)

    At about the 30 minute mark, our state of the art security system scans the stadium for empty seats. They need to be empty for at least 10 minutes to ping.

    At the 45 minute mark all avaiable seats generate a scanable barcode on a printout and are given to those in Dicks who will then proceed to the correct stand in time to watch the second half.

    Standby tickets would be limited to the capacity of Dicks (300 ?) and in the event of there not being enough standby seats to cover those on standy, they will be allowed to remain in Dicks for the 2nd half. Available seats would be issued on a first come, first served basis.

    Standby tickets would go one sale only on the morning of the match, subject to a sellout
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