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    Similarly, the left of centre Lib Dems votes he is hoping to garner are almost exclusively Remainers.

    The forces at work with Open Britain and Renew demonstrate that a Pro-Remain, Centrist, "En Marche" style party with no political baggage could easily gain traction, leaving the old Labour Party behind.
    Ignoring the troll above, this is where I am politically right now. The Lib Dems, rightly or wrongly are blamed for the non-excesses of the coalition government, and it WILL take a new centrist party, pro-Europe to stabilise British politics. The past few days have shown that there are a number of centre leaning Tories who are increasingly alarmed with the way their party is headed, and there are many labour MPs / member / voters who aren't on board with the Corbyn agenda, particularly in relation to Brexit.

    I will almost certainly be voting Lib Dem for now, as there is no viable alternative, but as soon as there is I hope they can tap into the worried majority that dislike where we're headed.
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