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    Rogue One was a breath of fresh air because there was a genuine story arc, a beginning, middle and end. Many films these days seem to spend a majority of the time angling for spin-offs in case that character is a hit with the audience. Given the ending this wasn't as plausible.

    The film you end up paying for and spending at least 2 hours watching often feels like a test-screening to see which storyline or character might get their own film. There's very little "you will only see these characters here and many will die so no chance of a sequel" films. Possibly because of the inherent fear of missing out on a franchise run.

    I got the sense that Rogue One wasn't subject to this as much. They were free to make a film and tell a complete story.
    I guess these 'stories' have a definitive ending because they feed into what we already know happens next. I assume this film will end with Solo walking into the Catina bar, or flying to Tatooine, much like Rogue One ended with Leia being pursued by a Star Destroyer, and no doubt Kenobi will end with him perhaps stood from afar looking over a young Luke purchasing droids in the distance...or something...

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