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    West Ham tomorrow - no f**king about!

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    Seriously now, this is a nailed-on MUST-WIN match.

    We can’t afford to drop points and think we’re gonna make up for it with wins against Spurs, Man U and/or Liverpool in the last few games. Ain’t gonna happen!

    We need three points NOW.

    The survival of our club isn't at stake, but we’ve worked ruddy hard to get into the Premier League - so let’s f**ing stay there!

    If we’re gonna avoid relegation, we need to treat every home match like it’s the ‘97 run-in.

    This is Leyton Orient, this is Barnet, this is f*cking Doncaster Rovers!

    You want a cup run?

    THIS is a f**king cup final!

    If we’re drawing with 5min to go I want to see Ryan sent up for a corner.

    In fact, I want to see CH sub on Krull and send HIM up for the corner.

    I want to see players collapsed with exhaustion on the final whistle, whatever the result.

    We need 100% effort. One hundred and ruddy TEN percent effort.

    No f**king about - from the players or fans.

    3 points and nothing less.

    COME ON!!!
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