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    NSC 6 Nations 2018 Competition

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    This has been conducted by @Gregory2,Smith1 for the last three years and I sent him a PM but I have received no reply. So just to get the ball rolling:

    The rules are the same as before:

    Predict the outcome of each match by points margin.

    Every point your out will score 1 point against you

    Winner will be the lowest score as in golf

    e.g. predict England to beat France by 8 points

    outcome England win by 3 points your score will be +5

    outcome France win by 3 points your score will be +11

    miss a game your score will be +25

    miss 3 in a row and your score will be excluded

    previous winners

    2015 Simster
    2016 Pavilionaire
    2017 crodonilson

    starts this weekend

    Wales v Scotland, Saturday 2.15pm
    France v Ireland, Saturday 4.45pm
    Italy v England, Sunday 3.00pm

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