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    Do transfer fees include VAT ?

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    Do transfer fees include VAT or are they +VAT ? and how does it work when buying and selling abroad?
    I’ve tried to find this out elsewhere, but can’t really find the definitive answer. The combined brains of NSC will no doubt have the answer.

    When Southampton sold Van Dijk the fee was £75m
    Was that £75m +VAT (£90m) ? or £75m inc VAT (£62.5m) ?
    Makes a big difference with how much money they have available to use to buy a replacement.

    And how does it work when we buy or sell abroad?
    £14m for Locadia. Do we pay Dutch VAT on top?

    And did Liverpool get the whole £150m for Countinho?
    Did it include the £25m VAT or did Barca pay the VAT on top?
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