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    1,446's a completely crazy idea...

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    Why not try and sign Marcus Rashford on loan?

    With Man Utd about to sign Sanchez, they'll have him, Martial, Lukaku, Mata, Lingard and Ibrahimovic all in the frame, plus this kid McTominay they keep throwing on. Meanwhile, stewing on the bench they have a player with a proven PL goalscoring record, is blisteringly quick and offers something miles ahead of anything we currently have. He'll also be desperate for minutes in advance of the World Cup. His wages appear to be about £60,000 a week, so expensive but not eye-wateringly so, especially only for 5 months or so to the end of the season.

    Not expecting it to happen for a moment, and like I say it's a mad idea. But surely it has to be worth at least asking the question, doesn't it? What a statement of intent it'd be replacing Brown with Rashford.


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