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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodian View Post
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    Is there still any video footage of this anywhere, or has it all been deleted?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Deportivo Seagull View Post
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      The fact that the ref included the incident in his report would indicate that something unsavoury was said but he couldn’t clarify.
      I don't agree. Surely if Bong has made the allegation, the ref needs to include that in the report even if he didn't witness an offence?
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      Another theory - he could be looking scared because he realises immediately what being accused of something like this would/could mean - whether or not he did say it.
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      Despite the thousands of words written only two possibilities remain- as was at the beginning.

      1) Either Bong or Rodriguez is lying
      2) Bong heard incorrectly.

      No amount of speculation or assumption will change that.

      I'd like to think it was the second option. But I don't know- and only Rodriguez actually knows what was said for sure.
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      ....and you seem to be hanging around these politics threads for an unhealthy amount of time...
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      Quote Originally Posted by Richbaggie View Post
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      I have seen plenty on my own Twitter timeline and on the message board I moderate on that think Bong misheard.

      I agree about the abuse. However, Twitter is a sesspit at times and it's not representative of the vast majority of Albion fans.
      Like everyone else on this board I've no idea if Rodriguez did actually say what was alleged but I think I'm with you in giving Rodriguez the benefit of the doubt on the basis that it's not just a case of "I'd never say that because some of my best friends are black". He's not got any history of this, he appears to have the backing of the black players in his team who give him a glowing character reference in that regard and he's fully aware that it would ruin his career and the words he's alleged to have said are odd to say the least. I know people say that things can be said in the heat of the moment but I'm sure most of us have had arguments with people from other backgrounds and not resorted to racism.

      I'm sure Bong heard what he alleges and as I say I think it's a case of him mishearing but even if he did hear correctly, I can't work out for the life of me what this charge can hope to achieve because it's one man's word against another. I haven't heard anyone else saying they heard the conversation so if they find Rodriguez guilty on that basis then it would be a travesty of justice. His reputation would be in tatters.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Richbaggie View Post
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      Hi all

      Baggies fan here, with a peace pipe in hand

      Firstly, no matter which club you support, what a rubbish situation we find ourselves in. There isn't an outcome that I can see that will have a happy ending.

      Secondly, if Rodriguez has said the alleged words he has been charged with, then he should get whatever the FA can throw at him. No question.

      But, and there is a big but here. Until this is proven beyond doubt, he is still innocent and deserves a fair hearing just as anyone should receive.

      When I first heard what Bong alleged Rodriguez has said, my first thought was surely he has misheard what was said. Does this sound like anything anyone would say, let alone a racist.

      "You're black, and your breath stinks"

      Seriously, cast team loyalties aside, does that sound realistic that anyone would form that sort of sentence?

      It's pure guesswork but my guess has always been that Bong has at best, misheard words or at worst putvsome extra spin on Rodriguez petulant and childish hand movement and you stink words.

      My guess is we will never know for sure and unless there is corroborating evidence for Bong or Rodriguez, this will end in ultimate stalemate and everyone will end up dissatisfied with the whole sorry affair.
      To me it looked like Rodriguez said something, Bong reacted, and then Rodriguez did the breath stinks thing. As for the phrase "You're black, and your breath stinks" - thats not an actual suggested transcript is it? I don't believe I've seen anywhere the actual words alleged to have been said.

      Thing about Bong is that he is such an under the radar player, just gets on with his job, never involved in anything unsavoury, never over-emotional, rarely says much, keeps himself to himself, just seems a supremely confident and calm player. Even in this case he didn't react violently or get into Rodriguez's face, just went to the referee and reported what was said. Since the incident he has just repeated his same statement, that he was racially abused and that shouldn't be allowed to happen anymore. Its very much in keeping with the man's character.

      I'm not surprised that WBA and Saints and Burnley fans are all springing to his defence, thats the nature of football, team loyalties are not easily cast aside and I don't expect them to be. But as part of the only collective of fans in England who 'know' Bong, I can just say this feels incredibly unlikely to have been made up.
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      Have we got new rivals now? I'm bored of Palace and they stink.
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      Interestingly Dunk was next to them in the incedent and he spoke to the ref who kept telling Dunk to go away, so Dunk could have witnessed all of it
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      You can understand why most footballers are reticent about reporting these types of things. Itís been an absolute shitstorm, with horrible abuse thrown at both players (although surprisingly itís Bong who seems to have copped most of the flack). The simple thing to do would be to ignore it, keep it to yourself or just give the opponent a whack at the first opportunity.

      Youíve got to admire Gaetan for having the courage to speak up. Iím hoping there will be good enough footage to provide proof of what has been said so it can be sorted out one way or the other.
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      If Bong still wishes to proceed with the accusation (what is his gain other than justice?) and is without a history of dramatic falsehoods he will be (correctly) believed as the story looks like (unfortunately) all too common rascism and not a false accusation.

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