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    Kids being sent home from school

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    My son was sent home from school "ill" today despite the fact that, as far as I'm concerned, there's nothing wrong with him other than possibly being a bit tired and jaded after some late nights over the Christmas holiday.

    This isn't the first time this has happened. Schools bang on about attendance and the importance of being in school, something we completely agree with, and yet they send him home at the slightest indication he could be less than 100%.

    We've never taken him out of school for holidays, and don't believe we ever will (I'm not judging if you do - everyone makes their own choices), so it grates somewhat the school have this seemingly relaxed approach to sending kids home. Perhaps parents should be able to fine schools for non-approved sending home.

    I appreciate this is all a bit Mumsnet but it's wound me up a bit.

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