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    Much preferred Death Be Not Proud to The Referee's A W*nker.

    I don't like when shows do football. They so rarely get the tone or language right. Also, it was ludicrously and needlessly over-elaborate - he could've just reffed badly and thrown the game for the team he wanted to win. Didn't need the rest, it felt like they wanted to make a comment about lack of out gay footballers which I understand but overall it felt clever for clever's sake.

    Meanwhile, I thought Death Be Not Proud was Shearsmith and Pemberton doing what they do best - bleak, grimy, funny - just like Psychoville and The League of Gentlemen. Again, the twist was a little "meh" but overall I thought it was a very enjoyable episode.
    I had completely the opposite opinions on the first 2 episodes. I really enjoyed the referee episode. Granted, it was a little bit contrived but I thought it was very entertaining. I thought the ending was fantastic as I genuinely didn't see what the twist would be.

    I was never really a fan of The League of Gentlemen and the couple of episodes of Psychoville I've seen I found quite "meh". So, this week's episode really didn't do anything for me. I thought there would at least be a big twist at the end to make up for it, but there really wasn't. I watch Inside Number 9 for the clever stories, but it was lacking from this episode. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't terrible; but if I wanted an episode of Psychoville, I'd watch Psychoville.
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