Hi Insider

I'm sure you are already aware, but there were major issues that prevented many people from watching the live coverage of the U23s game this evening. There are many posts in the "matchday thread" that illustrate this - U23's v Blackburn, Amex on Monday

Coverage of the U23s was one of the main reasons that I subscribed to the service this season, and tonight has been a shambles; it seems that some people have eventually been able to watch coverage via the Albion app only, while others (including myself) have been getting messages that a "premium subscription" is required. Someone had to use the "Chat" feature to secure coverage. The "Watch live now" button via the website simply didn't work (I tried on three different browsers).

I appreciate that there may be technical reasons for all the above that are outside the club's direct control, but this is appalling service for people that have paid $57 (or the equivalent in GBP).

I look forward to hearing a response from the club over these issues.