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  • 4-4-1-1 replace Hemed with Brown

    63 60.58%
  • 5-4-1 replace Hemed with Hunemeier

    3 2.88%
  • 4-5-1 replace Hemed with, ummm, a.n.other midfielder

    2 1.92%
  • 4-6-0 replace Hemed with Izquierdo. Barca-style!

    24 23.08%
  • haven't a clue mate

    12 11.54%
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    Hemed out - whats your formation for Arsenal?

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    No Hemed, so how do we replace him in the team and what formation shall we use?

    1) 4-4-1-1 - as we were, replace Hemed with Brown

    Ryan - Bruno, Dunk, Duffy, Suttner - March, Stephens, Propper, Knockaert - Gross - Brown

    Keep the formation exactly the same and make the most like-for-like swop that we can do. However, its not as if this formation has been getting the results in the hard games, P4 L3 D1 F1 A6 from City, Leicester, Watford, Bournemouth. And can Brown hold the ball up well enough at a place like Arsenal?

    2) 5-4-1, replace Hemed with Hunemeier

    Ryan - Bruno, Hunemeier, Dunk, Duffy, Suttner - March, Stephens, Propper, Knockaert - Gross

    The formation that Coppell switched to that almost kept us up in 02-03. At the moment in tough games we have almost a six-man defence with the wingers playing full-back and the full-backs playing in the penalty area. Thats giving us no outlets at all, and without Hemed to hold the ball up we'll be even more stuck. This compromises with a five-man defence, and although Gross isn't a target man, with nominal wing-backs out wide March and Knockaert can tuck in and play much closer to him.

    3) 4-5-1, replace Hemed with, errrrrr, Sidwell? Kayal? Ince? Norwood? .......bugger

    Ryan - Bruno, Dunk, Duffy, Suttner - March, Stephens, Propper, somebody, Knockaert - Gross

    This one would make sense if we actually had a body to put in there, but they're all injured or on loan. Rosenior maybe? Bong?

    4) 4-6-0, Barcelona-style, replace Hemed with Izquierdo

    Ryan - Bruno, Dunk, Duffy, Suttner - March, Stephens, Propper, Gross, Izquierdo, Knockaert

    With no striker available, lets not bother picking one. Six marauding midfielders harrassing the Arsenal midfield and defence, breaking with pace and verve. Sounds good on paper
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