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Thread: Coypu dilemma

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    Coypu dilemma

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    On holiday in normandie, france and seek nsc wisdom. We are staying in a Gite in the grounds of a big house where the landowner lives. On strolling through the grounds this morning we have discovered a coypu in a humane trap. Now apparently these things are an invasive species and do a lot of damage to the local ecology. It's very cute though. Following a bit of research it seems they are often humanely caught in such traps and dispatched. The traps however should be checked daily in the morning to prevent suffering. They have obviously failed to do this. Should I:
    A) let it out and probably incur the owners wrath (they probably saw us down there this morning)
    B) tell the owner its there and let them deal with it
    C) do nothing


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