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    Albion a hipster club!

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    According to Squawka, the Albion are one of the favourites across Europe, this season to be one of the 'hipster club's
    I'm not sure about craft beers, immaculately trimmed and oily beards, wearing lumberjack shirts whilst riding a scooter, qualifies the Albion as hipster.
    Although I have this image of Chris Hughton travelling to Lancing and the Amex on a Piaggio with Billy Idols Rebel Yell blasting out.
    Probably see Duffy and Sidwell wearing lumberjack shirts, doing the Monty Python thing.
    All I know is that the Albion have set trends every step of the way, whether it's a club owned by a true fan, trusting in a manager to get the club to the holy trail of the PL, state of the art training academy, a growing woman's football team, AITC, REMF..............

    Well if were are hipster, bring it on
    I was surprised so many were confident pre-game and Brighton did exactly what they’ve done to us for the past few games but they actually bothered scoring this time. Hopefully this is the end of two up top when one of those forward is Carroll. It’s really impressive what Brighton have done since Hughton. It must be nice believing in a system and sticking with it. Basically what we had and lost under Rafa despite how pundits described it

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