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    Brighton - The Movie

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    Just read briefly in the Argus that the popularity of the Albion has now reached the good ol' U.S. of A. So, of course, a film about the club's amazing exploits in going from zeros to heroes is sure to be made into a Hollywood blockbuster. So with a bit of artistic licence which American superstars are going to play these heroes of ours?

    Anthony G. Bloom (franchise owner and benefactor)

    Paulie Barbera (franchise CEO and hatchet man, possible links to the mob)

    Coach Hughton (softly spoken and much admired go-getter from the Bronx)

    Lew Dunk (deefense tough guy from Brooklyn)

    Duffy (Irish American deefense tough guy who eats offence players)

    Tony Knock Heart (French offence wide receiver with dancing feet)

    . . . . . and any other characters you want to introduce.


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