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    Ed Bassford - Lord Bracknell

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    Our friend and loyal Albion fan and campaigner sadly lost his hard fought battle with cancer last night. Ed was a warm engaging man who passionately fought the Albion cause through all his contacts from London to Lewes and beyond.

    Ed communicated so well, keeping everyone informed in a jargon free clear way - as to the goings on at the numerous Public Inquiries. His work behind the scenes was invaluable and incalculable.

    It is no exaggeration to say that quite simply without Ed and his input, there would be no Premiership, no stadium, and in all likelihood no Albion.

    We mourn his passing but his legacy is all around - the coming season should be dedicated to his memory.
    Our thoughts are with Roz, his children and grandchildren.

    We will never forget - rest in peace, a friend and wise man.

    Paul Samrah


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