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    Anyone Ever Done a Late Deal Flight Out Of Gatwick With Thomson - Little Help? (API)

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    Little help from the great and the good of NSC por favor?

    Booked a Thomson late deal flight last weekend to fly out from Gatwick 7am tomorrow morning.

    Usually do a booking much early with Thomson and can enter API (advance Passenger Information), check-in online etc.

    With a late booking, all these useful options have the buttons greyed out. So I'm looking at joining the check-in queue from hell at Gatwick earlydoors in the morning. I'm hand luggage only.

    My question is: if I arrive at the front of that queue, say, 3 hours before my flight time, will check-in person be able to enter my API there and then? Thomson website is annoyingly inconsistent and ambiguous, it says in some places API must be entered up to 24 hours before the flight, and in other places at least 6 hours before the flight. In yet another place it says if I am flying with another airline (doh!) it can be entered for me at the check-in desk. If I turn up at a Thomson check-in desk 3 hours before my flight, will I be told I can't fly as I haven't entered API?

    What gives?

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