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    But every time I see any projections about the Albion balance sheet for last season, including @El Presidente they suggest we'll make a small profit of 5-10 million. How does that fit?
    We spent £50 million on playing purchasing alone last year. Add that to squad wages and you’re probably not far off £100 million
    Well the thirty minutes are almost up Swindon fans but your not there yet. in it goes (yyyyyyeeeessssssss) ooohhh its gone in, Brighton in added on time have snatched a goal through Virgo!!! Incredible!! Once again there is late, late, late drama in the playoffs!!

    Unused substitute REMF 5.

    Proud owner of Hendersons Gloves from 18/10/2005. Crystal Palace 0-1 Brighton And Hove Albion


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