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Thread: Trump

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    Quote Originally Posted by vegster View Post
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    Funnily enough Trump was caught by a reporter leaving The White House to board his chopper and was asked if he had asked Ukraine to investigate the Biden's... his reply as I recall was " yes" and he even said "maybe China should investigate the Biden's too "... So we have a leader of a country asking a foreign nation to investigate US nationals activities abroad yet goes very quiet when the UK police ask for the return of Anne Sacoolis for an investigation where there has quite obviously been a crime leading to a fatality !

    I suppose the difference between the two is of course, any muddying of the water surrounding the Biden's equals a boost to Trumps re-election campaign while defending Anne Sacoolis from investigation looks like Trump is strongly supporting the interests of a US citizen which equals a boost to Trump's re-election campaign. Win Win ! luckily ethics don't feature too highly with The Donald !
    Here's a decent overview of what you raised in regards to Trump asking a foreign government to investigate a potentially corrupt Politician.

    It's nothing illegal in nature to do. Especially if they do it for nothing in return.

    I agree that the woman should be sent back to Britain to face Justice. I don't however think that decision would have been any different regardless if Trump or someone else was in power.
    It's a marathon, not a sprint.

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