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Thread: Such a shame

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    Such a shame

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    It really is such a shame that so many people are now feeling that we have somehow failed with the results we have had in our last three games. If we hadn't won promotion with three games to spare & instead gained promotion later than we did then we would all be absolutely ecstatic with the outcome of our season, but instead we were spoilt & seem to be disappointed with our season judging by some peoples attitudes.
    Yes of course it would have been flucking brilliant had we of won the title, yes we perhaps could have iced the cake, but we won promotion & I for one am delighted that we avoided the play offs which if we are being honest would have been acceptable to many of us pre season.
    I know with three games to go it looked easier to win the title than to finish second but hey ho we are Brighton & Hove Albion, and we ARE going up so rather than feel deflated let's just enjoy the fact that we are not involved in the lottery that are the play offs & remember what a great job our club has done this season just getting automatic promotion.

    It could be worse, you could be in Shane Duffys shoes!
    Say hello to my liddle friend.


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