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    4 dogs limit comes into force

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    Have to say this is ridiculous and yet more evidence of liberties being eroded by over engineering local government busy bodies. Badly thought through and probably unenforceable. I often see people with 5 dogs and they're all having a great time playing together in a park that's plenty big enough. To say it's not a walk but an uncontrolled circus smacks of ignorance. Plenty of single dogs can be anti social. What about if two friends with 4dogs each meet up? Is that 'an illegal gathering?'! And do single dog owners always pick up poo whilst those with several don't? Gormless.
    “Everything about this looks wrong. The run-up is too long, too straight, and you know it’s going over the bar ... it goes over the bar, and Brighton have stolen a trip to Wembley! That is an absolute burglary! And that is the FA Cup!”

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