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    Player rating vs Bristol City

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    What a disappointment. The players really let the club and the fans down today. Great pre-game atmosphere with the flags and streamers and interviews with Storer, Bobby and Peter Ward. Then over to the players and what did they serve up? Mostly rubbish. And the manager gets no credit whatsoever for selecting Skalak ahead of March and Murphy. What the hell was his thinking behind that decision?

    Stockdale 8. One superb save towards the end. Otherwise a bit too much punching for my liking.
    Bruno 5. One joke of a cross right at the end just about summed up his day.
    Dunk 8. Mostly dealt with Abraham OK, but struggled at times.
    Hunemeir 7. Decent performance.
    Bong 7. I thought he played well, but some on here think otherwise.
    Kayal 6. Nowhere near his best. Lack of ball control plus some poor passing.
    Stephens 8. His best performance of late.
    Knockaert 5. At his most frustrating. Poor corners, poor free kicks, poor decision making.
    Skalak 2. Slow. Fell over a lot. Awful.
    Murray 7. Not his best game, but tough to play well with such dross around him.
    Hemed 3. Slow. Won nothing in the air. nowhere near premier league standard.

    March 7. At least tried to get the game going.
    Sidwell 6. OK.
    Tomori N/A

    A real wake up call for those who think this group of players will be able to cut it in the Premier League.


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