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    Quote Originally Posted by NooBHA View Post
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    I tend to agree

    HMRC Enquiries into companies in this instance Newcastle Utd would not give powers to arrest individuals within the club. From the information out in the media to date it sort of looks like potential individual wrong doings by an individual, in this case, Lee Charnley.

    HMRC set up a ''Special Office'' in Telford to Investigate footballers and football clubs in the late 1980s. That all moved in the last 10 years or so and Specialist teams were set up which linked the players, the clubs and other outside media sources. Lots of manpower went into investigating football and has proved a lucrative ''claw back'' of unpaid taxes for HMRC. Long may it continue because why should all these wealthy people avoid paying tax due. They get paid loads of money. It's only greed that makes them not want to pay tax on what is very large sums of money.

    Pay tax according to the laws of the land, that's what I say. No more, no less.

    Well this is a story and a half. I am so looking forward to attending the court to watch proceedings if it goes that far. The only link I potentially see in transfers between Newcastle Utd and West Ham would potentially be ''sell on clauses'' in the Andy Carroll Transfers. I can't off the top of my head think of any other players moving between those clubs directly or indirectly
    Kevin Nolan did, but its almost certainly not relevant anyway - the French links suggest that the two clubs are individually under investigation - ie entirely separate cases.
    The above post is simply my opinion. I am not bullying you, should it differ from your own.


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