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    Question for the older fans

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    Looking through Monday's programme, I note that the Liverpool game in 1958/59 kicked off at 5.30,

    This was, of course, pre-floodlights so what was it like watching a game with no lights. This match was in late September so would have been decidedly gloomy by the end of the game - could fans see what was going on?

    And did the lack of floodlights mean no midweek fixtures between October and March? How did they fit all the games in, particularly with the season starting two weeks later than now and finishing two weeks earlier? I know that there are no international breaks to fit in but don't see how it was done?

    I also note that the attendance for the Liverpool game was a lot lower than the Saturday games. Was there less of an atmosphere for midweek games.

    I know this nothing to do with promotion to PL but until I saw the kick-off time, I'd not thought about this before


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