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Thread: Absent Friends

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    To three people, two of whom actually never watched The Albion:

    1: My late Mother - She was a Midlander, an NHS nurse who worked here as a midwife, served this blessed plot and loved Sussex as much as I do. She would have been proud as punch today and genuinely thrilled.
    2.: My son who died before his first birthday. If he'd hated football he wouldn't have had a choice.
    3. A guy up the road when I was a kid who went to The Goldstone every week - He died in 1988. He'd be happy now. He must have been born in the 1890's.

    Stand or fall.
    Each to his choice, and I rejoice the lot has fallen to me
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    Yea, Sussex by the sea!

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      Respect to OP, great thread. My grandad missed the Amex by a year. Would have loved today.
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      To my dad James a proud cockney eastender who relocated to Brighton after the war - his parents house was flattened by a German rocket whilst he was fighting them in Europe.

      He didn't really have a good word for football when I used to go as a kid - he only took me once along with one of my sisters on Boxing Day 68 when we played QPR.

      However we had a renaissance after both of our divorces in the 80s and reconnected over a few beers and a visit to the Goldstone. His favourite player was Sergei Gotsmanov and he went to his last match 2nd January 1993 at the Goldstone and saw us win against Pompey. I didn't go as I was preparing a meal at my partners for him as a Christmas/New Year celebration. Last time I saw him alive as I waved him goodnight full of his favourite food. Found him dead the next day (it wasn't the food ).

      He would be proud to see us at the Amex in the Premier League. We went to Bournemouth Palace Liverpool Wembley Pompey for games and he absolutely loved the Albion - what a change from the dad I knew as a child - they do grow on you.
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      My sister died in 2014, she would have loved this moment.
      Love you Carol, we finally done it.
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      RIP mum - had some looks upto the sky today. She would have loved today
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      My uncle Dave.

      The greatest man who ever lived

      Didn't make it to Falmer.
      I raise a glass to him at every game.

      Dave White. RIP
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      My Dad, who also never made it to the Amex to watch us rise from the flames either.
      Know he'd be so proud now though.
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      BT Bob Clark- hope you were watching RIP
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      RIP Paul Whelch. Lovely tributes in the programme and during the match. He should have seen this day, but fitting that his life was celebrated on such a momentus occasion for the club.
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      Grant Pollard, my first mate I went to football with (I forgive him for being 55% yid fan)
      My old man, North East Stand regular at the Goldstone, was completely against sitting down at the football so rarely went to Withdean and doubt would have gone to the Amex much
      But he passed on his love of football to me, he was amazed at our football progress in the year before the Amex was completed but passed away in Feb before our first season there


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