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    Anybody that says he is not a terrorist need to take a long hard look at themselves. Plenty of friends who served in the army spent time in NI. The storys they tell aren't nice.
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      Just seen this, something to think about.
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      I obviously didn't serve in the military, but the IRA did have an attempt in blowing me up.

      Quite randomly I was living in a street in Warrington just down from the gas works. The attempt that often goes forgotten because of what they did later in the shopping centre.

      I was in my early 20s but it did somewhat crystallise in my mind what these people were about. There was as Irish club in the next street. This was the North West remember. I was college at the time with loads of Irish people from both sides of the border. All getting on and then subsequently subjected to attacks. I seem to recall someone trying to set light to someone's room in a hall of residence.

      So personally won't be mourning his death. It wasn't my argument but in the 20th century I was obviously considered collateral damage alongside his other countrymen.

      I have equal disregard for those in government in the 80s who were quite happy to tell us all that we will not negotiate with terrorists but were actually attempting to do so behind the scenes.

      Just be thankful that he changed his mind and realised that was a shit way to carry on. Just be thankful that John Major bit his tongue.

      Tonight I'm thinking of Colin Parry. He used his son's death to campaign for peace not revenge. What a man.

      That's who the media should be talking about today.
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