Orient fan here in peace.

Just to thank everyone for their support in these very difficult times at the moment. One of the darkest moments in our 136 year history in fact.

We've had so much support from fans from so many clubs and yours included. Its really appreciated. I can remember back to the mid 90's playing you at the Goldstone Ground and a load of us had "Archer Out" placards. Nice to have the support returned.

When all said and done clubs are rivals on the pitch but we're all part of the football community. A hurt to one is a hurt to all. We've even had support from our rivals Southend United!!

The state of our game now is appalling and how things like this are allowed to happen. We all know what FA stands for!! At our fans trust meeting the other night we had a representative from Blackpool FC fans trust give us a real encouraging speech. Apparently there is going to be a protest about the state of the game before the FA cup final outside Wembley stadium. Ill be going.

Good luck Brighton in your season and look forward to seeing you in the Premiership.