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    So far down Shoreham Beach, I am virtually back in Brighton!

    Tickets remaining for Derby next Friday

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    I would have thought this one would be a sellout too but there is currently a good number of tickets for sale online.

    Derby have received an allocation of 2300 (400 less than Newcastle) so there is the potential for additional home seating in either the South or SE corner if required. As a side note, the Derby chariman is subsidisng the cost of a ticket and providing free coach travel. Derby fans will pay just £20 for their £32 ticket (£15 for kids).

    Had Derby been in a loftier position, I am sure such an offer would have led to a quick away sell out, but at this time, tickets are still available for the Rams.

    In the home end currrently available:-

    North = 30
    WSL = 510
    WSU = 58
    South = 400
    ESL = 255
    ESU = 181

    Plus any the club could still release in the South (most of S1d or S1a) ,the shelf, the front row disabled seats, the 1901 ESL area and other randoms. Seems like 2000+ to go.

    Blackburn, a whole month away is a different story and has very limited availabilty. Just goes to show the effect of evening games and being on the telly has on the demand.

    Being made Cat A pricing hsan't helped either but I guess this was done before Sky selected it.
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