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  • Salt Water Croc

    28 24.56%
  • Black Mamba

    4 3.51%
  • Bullet Ant

    15 13.16%
  • Insatiable Hairy Frogfish

    7 6.14%
  • Least Weasel

    11 9.65%
  • Siberian Tiger

    20 17.54%
  • Mongoose

    8 7.02%
  • Emperor Penguin

    6 5.26%
  • Shrew

    15 13.16%
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    World's Hardest Creature X: Group D

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    Here we go folks, the final group of WHC X. Two former champs, some repeat offenders and three newbies. Four beasts progress, you have one vote only so use it wisely.

    The combatants:

    Salt Water Croc

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Name:	220px-Saltwater_crocodile.jpg 
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ID:	81534

    One of the all time WHC greats is first up in group D. The SWC hasn't lost in the WHC since WHC VII having one the last two installments. He's a five time finalist, two times winner and has never been knocked out before the semi finals. What's he got that makes him such an incredible competitor? A bit(or rather a lot) of everything. He's outlived the dinosaurs, has the most powerful bite per square inch of any beast in the competition, can survive and indeed still thrive with missing limbs/tail, is an apex predator with a hypercarnivorous diet, catches and eats other apex predators,is armour plated, is aggressive and in the death roll has its own specialised killing move. That should be enough to be going on with...

    Black Mamba

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Name:	Black-mamba.jpg 
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ID:	81544

    Another former champion the Black Mamba powered its way to the title a few years ago sweeping all before it. Since then its rather rested on its laurels and has struggled to make an impression on the tournament. It is a speedy, agile powerful snake with death dealing venomous toxins in its bite. It's basically shy but will not tolerate intruders into its territory. Intruders are dealt with aggressively and if they dont get out the way sharpish they can expect to be dead sometime soon.

    Bullet Ant

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Name:	landscape-1439483159-bullet-ant.jpg 
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ID:	81546

    Wiki's not giving up much on the bullet ant so it's going to need its nominator to do some championing. It has a sting that is as painful as being shot. It is described as causing "waves of burning, throbbing, all-consuming pain that continues unabated for up to 24 hours".

    Insatiable Hairy Frogfish

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Name:	sddefault.jpg 
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ID:	81547

    Group D's first debutante. Fish rarely do well in the WHC so lets hope that the Frog fish can buck that trend. The Frogfish is a voracious carnivore which will devour all right-sized prey that pass within reach, usually other fish, but sometimes even its own kind. It can swallow prey its own size. Thats all wiki has given me. Whoever nominated and seconded it might want to step up to the plate and offer some more IHF facts.

    Least Weasel

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Name:	young-least-weasel-votiers-flats-to-bebo-grove-1.jpg 
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ID:	81548

    The second debutante of the group. The least weasel is a small, agile, strong and fierce little beast who is able to hunt and kill prey five to ten times it size(usually rabbits/hares). It is a ferocious hunter due to its need to consume up to half its body weight in food every day. When it captures its prey it delivers a single bite to the base of the skull either piercing the brain or severing the spinal chord. they will attack anything that moves and is near them. Have been known to fly on the back of birds as they attack them.

    Siberian Tiger

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Name:	e4e554af2c473824b070e13d7bd4377e.jpg 
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ID:	81549

    Apex predator alert! The Siberian Tiger is a large, powerful, agile, gorgeous looking killing machine. Happy to take on Asian black bears and Brown bears. Often fact it has been noted that some bears when finding tiger tracks will bottle it and change direction. Can kill bears bigger than it by biting through its spinal column.


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Name:	314F019900000578-0-image-a-27_1455718306009.jpg 
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ID:	81550

    This small little fella is capable of taking on and killing deadly poisonous snakes(mostly cobras). Their usual prey consists of insects, lizards, crabs, birds and rodents. If cornered will have a row with anyone.

    Emperor Penguin

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Name:	1006842.jpg 
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ID:	81551

    you wait ten years for a penguin to make it into the WHC then two turn up at the same time. The Emperor Penguin will be hoping to replicate its penguiny cousin the chinstrap penguin by cruising into the knockout stages at the first time of asking. The Emperor penguin might not be much of a fighter but he is hardy as ****, trekking up to 75 miles in the antarctic to breeding grounds where he will spend two months in -40degrees Celsius temperatures without any food to incubate his egg. Has to put up with icy winds of up to 89mph. Can stay submerged in ridiculously cold waters for 18 minutes and dive to depths of over 500metres and pressures of up to 40 times that of the surface pressure. Are known to forage up to 500km for food for their chicks. If Hardy is what you are after, there aren't many hardier.


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Name:	Juvenile-water-shrew-eating-worm.jpg 
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ID:	81552

    It's easy to think 'ah, the cute little shrew. Surely he's out of place in the WHC?'. It's easy to think that but if you did, you'd be wrong. Fiercely territorial the Shrew will drive off any invader of his space. He's got venom, actual venom, in his bite . He needs to eat anywhere from 50-200% his body weight every day so is a practiced killing machine and will eat every and anything in its way. They are able to kill some animals larger than themselves.


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