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    Corals spamming #bhafc on Twitter

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    For those that follow the very useful #bhafc tag on Twitter its become virtually unusuable in the past 48 hours due to persistent and constant spamming by multiple betting accounts pushing a promotional offer for Corals.

    This is a particularly irksome issue caused not directly by Corals themselves but by Coral's affiliates programme, where in return for marketing their offers you receive a percentage of the click through revenue if users are persuaded to sign up, share their data and create new accounts via the unique link they give you in return.

    I have no problem with a regulated betting industry, and i know there is an avid betting community on NSC. Good luck to anyone who is hoping that an Albion win tonight will come in at 40-1. I'm well aware that as i have a season ticket and visit many football matches every season, its a league sponsored by Sky Bet and with a massive Sky Bet logo etched into the pitch for every game.

    However I despise spam, especially on social media platforms, and i know that #bhafc is used by many u18s who use it for Albion news. This indirect marketing of children is pernicious stuff and 2 specific examples where (in my opinion) the limited gambling regulation in the UK appears not to be working.

    I've therefore started a complaint process with their Affiliates team (their legal team have pledged to get back to me "next week") and i hope i can , via Corals, stop this from happening again. If you also wish to complain then a useful email address is [email protected]

    Here is a copy of my email and i'd be interested in NSC views on this type of marketing.

    Hi Coral Affiliates

    In the last 24 hours there have been over 200 tweets using the tag from accounts clearly set up for the purpose , probably by the same affiliate and repeatedly posting the same offer over and over again.

    See this hashtag :

    and just a small sample of the accounts

    - The spamming of the account breaks Twitter's terms
    eg: "Repeatedly posting duplicate updates"

    - And your terms
    "not conduct any form of spamming or advertise our Services in any way which breaches any applicable laws or regulations, including (without limitation) relating to proper and fair electronic marketing;"

    This hashtag is normally used by Brighton fans, publishers and journalists to share Brighton news, photos, jokes and videos . Its also used regularly by u18s to obtain news about their football club.. Twitter is a platform for over 13s. I think there's a case to also suggest that children have been indirectly targeted as a result of this spam behaviour.

    Please can you respond. I've also contacted the Gambling Commission for advice.


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