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    Jodie Foster: Contact made....

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    Hi Everyone,

    I wouldn’t normally post something like this, (or anything else apparently, as I've just registered today) but I thought this was a slightly different situation. I know someone who worked for Robert Zemeckis at Warner Bros (I know classic knows someone who made hover-boards for Back To The Future rumour), but this is fact. ‘Contact’ was made by Zemeckis in 1997, it starred Jodie Foster.

    Chris Hughton went to the cinema in the past so may have seen it, or some other Jodie Foster films. I personally think it would be amazing if he preferred it to ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘Bugsy Malone’ or even ‘The Bad News Bears.’ Could it be that the films she made as a kid were just better? I thought I’d share with the forum.

    Appreciate all comments.


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