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    Fitness Trackers

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    Dear NSC. I'm thinking of delving into the world of fitness trackers (I can hear the cries of don't waste your money you won't be using it in a couple of weeks) but all the same I would like to hear your collective views/experiences.

    I used one many years ago for running (a Garmin forerunner) which was good but very chunky, battery was poor and it died (along with my running!).

    Have you got one? Do you use it? Any regrets? Is it any good? What activitie(s) do you use it for mainly (steps/running/cycling/swimming etc)? Is it comfortable to wear?

    Cheers MG

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      I have a Garmin Forerunner 235 but only really use it for running, it's good for what it is bur I regret spending so much money on it when something a lot cheaper would have met my needs.

      Got my Dad a Fitbit Charge HR 2 for Christmas which seems OK but the step estimate between our 2 devices never seems to correlate, have some serious doubts about the accuracy of both watches although I trust my Garmin a bit more.

      If you are just wanting to measure steps just get a pedometer, the sleep and heart rate features of the expensive watches are nice to have info but a bit gimmicky and not particularly accurate. The garmin thinks I get 10 hours sleep a might when I'm lucky to get 5. Phone apps seem to be better at measuring sleep.

      Edit: I also have a separate PoolMate watch for measuring number of lengths in the pool which is cheap and works well but has no use other then for that. I can't keep a count of lengths in my head. The combined swim, bike and run Garmin watches are super expensive and bulky.
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      I use the Sony Smartwatch 3 when I got running. It syncs with my Android phone and has a reasonable good built in GPS tracker, meaning I can track runs without taking my phone with me. It's also able to store music on it (has limited memory) which can be listened to using Bluetooth earphones.

      I wear it almost every day and the battery lasts about three to four days (I turn it off overnight), but dies significantly quicker if it's being used to track activities.

      It doesn't have a heart rate monitor.

      Overall, I'm quite happy with it, especially as I managed to buy it on Amazon about eight months ago for only £80.
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      IMO it doesn't really matter if it isn't 100% accurate, your aim generally is to do 10,000 steps a day, if you actually do 9,400 or 10,600 it doesn't really matter its the fact you are getting encouragement to do the exercise by tracking your steps/distance
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      I have the old chunky Garmin Forerunner 305, possibly the same as yours. Battery died 2 years ago. I bought an £8 replacement battery on Ebay. Then I had to solder the new battery into the watch connectors and reseal the unit with a glue for plastic. Didn't expect it to work but it's still going over 1,000 miles on.
      Apart from the huge size, it's brilliant with great accuracy. I can't be bothered on counting steps. Get to work on what you have........
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      Am tempted by the Garmin Vivosmart and Fitbit Charge 2 (Apple Watch Series 2 a tad on the pricey side)
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      I used to have an old fashioned pedometer. Thought it was a quirky little gadget as a kid and would keep motivating me to get outside and move. Now though I don't see the point in their high-tech descendents.

      I don't need to spend 100 or more quid on an accessory telling me how many steps I've taken, how many hours "sleep" I've had, and other gimmicks. For people my age they're just unnecessary. A fashion accessory that won't serve me any useful purpose. I can tell how many hours sleep I get each night because I might wake up still tired the next morning. I can tell if I've taken 10,000 steps per day because I walk everywhere.
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      I have had my fit bit HR for over a year and love it. It has seriously got me off my arse and love the fact that family and friends that have them also can fight it out in weekly competitions. Great motivation if you are competitive.

      When I got mine I had a nasty reoccurring ankle injury that put me out of football for 3 months and the Fit Bit helped me recover and motivated me to get out walking every night. I also spend most days at my desk or in the car so it gives me the kick up the bum to get out and move around.
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      Another FitBit Charge HR user here.
      I echo the sentiments about the accuracy not being overly important. It's more about having something that concentrates the mind every now and then - whether it's competition with friends or family, or just being able to see how inactive you are some days so you do something about it. I wasn't exactly overweight in the first place, but have lost a stone of useless fat in 18 months mostly by walking more.
      I like the fact thaty Charge HR (mk1) is relatively small, though it's still slightly annoying under shirt cuffs. I personally wouldn't get on with one of the really bulky ones.
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      I got a Fitbit charge and have had nothing but problems with it over the 18 months I've had it.

      First one didn't work out of the box so was replaced. Second one the strap fell off after a couple of months (common problem if you read their support forum) so that went back. Third one the battery wouldn't last a day so that went back. Now on my fourth which has been the most stable however 6 months down the line and the strap is starting to come away again like it did on the second one so I'm not sure how long this one will last.

      Aside from that they are great. The app and site are really good IMO and although I've had tons of problems their support is top rate and replaced each time with very little hassle. The device must talk with a mother ship as they knew that my battery was dying quickly on the third one.

      Question for charge HR users....are the straps more like watch straps and replaceable or are they glued like the Charge?


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