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    What do you keep in your FRIDGE ?

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    Plenty of OBVIOUS things of course. Beer. Paté. Tomatoes. A severed finger.

    But what about the more BORDERLINE stuff ? I mean things like eggs. They're not refrigerated in the supermarket, and yet I have several specifically designed egg receptacles WHORING themselves inside my fridge door to receive their curved arse-shells. Should they be stored in there ? What about ketchup ? Salad cream ? Brown sauce. MAYONNAISE ? I'll be honest, those particular bedfellows lurk exclusively within my pantry, and never darken my fridge door. Why ? Because I don't like to excrete COLD condiments onto HOT food. It doesn't work on any level. I like my ketchup and mayo how I like my women - lukewarm, and largely indifferent to my clumsy advances.

    So what belongs in a FRIDGE - and what doesn't ?
    "But you accept that there is an increased risk of vehicle/bat collision"


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