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    Shelvey & Dummett's red cards overturned

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    From Friday's game....! Shocked by this purely because of the corrupt FA upholding Stephen's one for a perfectly acceptable challenge.

    For me, Shelvey's was very harsh and never a red, BUT he did have a kick out so still by the laws could be deemed violent conduct, however soft.

    Dummett's one, maybe I need to watch again as every Toon fan on Twitter seems to say it was never a red but on Friday I thought it was clear as day a red and a foul / pen?

    Not just saying it cos it's Newcastle, but these decisions seem extremely generous don't they?
    Seeing kids in the school or in the parks with Albion shirts instead of the big clubs and easy ones, thatís it. We have done it.

    Inigo Calderon
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