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    Young Seagulls (Gullys) Christmas Party looks like being the latest sell out

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    Who's going?

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      What this football club do in the community and for the upcoming generation is sensational. Fact
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      'Looks like'? It sold out weeks ago. Poor journalism.
      Seeing kids in the school or in the parks with Albion shirts instead of the big clubs and easy ones, that’s it. We have done it.

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      Quote Originally Posted by hove born&bred View Post
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      Who's going?
      I would guess a lot less following this thread
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      Took my son to this and we'd never been before so didn't know what to expect. He really wanted to do the player signing so joined the queue. Then got told it would be at least an hour to get to the players from that point. 6 year old son was adamant he wanted to stay in queue so stay we did. Took about an hour and half at least to get to the players! There were only about 50 people behind us because the stewards had stopped anyone else joining the queue. Got to the players finally, who'd been sat there in the cold signing for at least 2 hours and got to say they were all great. Full of smiles and nice comments for the kids. Took the whole thing in good humour and not a single prima donna among them. Very impressed with that. Then went upstairs and took part in some of the activities up there. Then Liam Rosesenior came up as his family were up there and, as everyone said after his Albion Roar interview, he was just a really nice down to earth guy. Asked my son afterwards if he'd enjoyed it and said it was "the best day I've ever had". Bless him.

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