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  • Cliftonville Christmas DINNER

    8 30.77%
  • Deliver INTERVAL cards

    18 69.23%
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    *Advice NEEDED over FIRMS Christmas DINNER*

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    I had a CALL yesterday from BIG Hilda about some BOTHER she is having at WORK over her Christmas DINNER outing, we no are no longer on INTIMATE terms since that GRASS @Kellie dropped me in it but I still like to HELP her if I can.

    It turns OUT some SHYSTER at her work has been COLLECTING for their CHRISTMAS outing to the CLIFTONVILLE and CHARGING them FIFTY quid a head and when Hilda QUESTIONED him and told him the Christmas DINNER there is ONLY £8.99 he went off on ONE and said it was an ADMIN fee.

    Hilda did some more DIGGING and it turns out this SHYSTER is USING everyones Christmas DINNER money to FUND him and his COHORTS Christmas DRINKS after as well. When SHE told him she was reporting him to HR he got NASTY and made PERSONAL comments so Hilda has said she doesn't WANT to go anymore.

    I said that is ok as they are a BUNCH of TORIES in that office and she can come out with me DELIVERING 'Jeremy CORBYN 'HAPPY Winteval'' CARDS to all our TRANS gender FRIENDS in HOVE.

    Now she is TORN between going to the CHRISTMAS dinner or helping me DELIVER Winterval cards so I said lets PUT it to the VOTE on NSC what should she do ?


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