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    Behind enemy lines - Palace fan in need of help

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    Hello everyone

    Bozza has very kindly let this incursion onto your site. Thank you Bozza.

    While you guys enjoy this moment of Palace pain we are currently going through, I thought I would just jump on here to ask for your help.

    Between our two great clubs we have seen how our two sets of fans can pull together in bad times. I use REMF & the recent Tram crash in Croydon as two examples of how the human side actually pulls us together and shows that for a short period of time we can put aside our rivalries.

    I am about to lean once more on your generous nature.

    Could I please request that you all take a look at the link below and help us achieve the help this guys Mark needs for life saving treatment.

    As I'm here, I feel I must congratulate you guys for the start you've had this season, and can only hope we manage to stay up so we can re-kindle the rivalry in the Prem next season.

    Once again please accept my apologies for this intrusion.

    Best wishes



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